They think we dont have enough ads, tonight I littely went on every page and added 2 ads, if thats not enough, aw piss off!
You may have noticed we added a page for literals and misheards, but wait, Toei told blazecar he wasnt allowed to add literals and misheards... right???? WRONG!!!! I spent a bit thinking of some way we could scam them, then it hit me! he cant upload them on youtube, but this belongs to him, so they cant take it off, I am a genius, right? Its incredible, at first i never thought blazejecar would let me make him a site, it started out, ill admit, pretty crappy, but eventually, i updated it and it looks amazing, anyways, wanna skype me? Im Laith hART, mSN? LAITH HART, THATS IT FOR NOW,
Well some of you may have noticed i changed the site, its kinda hard to miss, lol but anyways, we still have new updates and ideas flooding in, so stay tuned, comment if you like the new layout or the old one, and any new ideas, and if your reading this blazejecar, theres more to come, its a surprise, by sunday the site will be competely upgraded (I hope) so expect more, much more -PIVOTDBZBEAST

I get so much frikin homework! Anyways I know the site hasnt been updated recently, but i think im gonna start editing it again,
I havent uploaded anything in what, weeks? Yeah, we needsum new content on this site, our viewers are goin DOOOOOWN...
yeah, well, ill make a poll on every page asking if you want new content, maybe a page for contests.. hmmmmm P.S. if you want to chat with me, i might be on chat every now and again -PivotDBZBEAST
Yeah, second, so, how are ya guys likin my sprites, today i work on ssj7!, if you have any request, contact, theyre pretty hard, each one takes like thirty minutes, i might make a tutorial, who knows... -PivotDBZBEAST
Hi guys! Welcome to pivotDBZBEAST's (me) blog, so, ill try to update every day, ill let you in on some things, the polls, i will be adding a new one every day, and the home isnt even the home anymore, i might as well call it "Updates" Now a bit about myself, my favorite character is vegeta, he just awesome,if ihad the rights to DBZ i would make AF, and broly is epic and invincible!-PivotDBZBEAST.