Hi guys!

Ep5 is almost finished. I just have to add 2 more layers of sound effects and I'm done! If all goes well, I will be starting on ep6 today. As promised, ep5 will be uploaded either tomorrow or on saturday. And now's the time to mention 1 little info. School starts in 1 week for me so I will try my best to complete ep6 until mid september. Why? Becouse ep7 is going to be an over-30 minute video so it will probably take as much as 3 MONTHS of my time to make it. (if it wasn't for school, I would have probably made it in a month or so, but you can thank the global education program for having to wait 2 extra months :P. So enjoy ep5 this weekend and ep6 2 weeks later, cuz then its going back on old tracks (over a month for an episode...well, 3 months for ep7). 

p.s. my country has the 2nd least vacation time in Europe. At this time of year I always wish I was born somewhere else -_-

Have a nice day,



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