Hi guys!

First of all, thank you for 900 subs!!!! *clap clap*

Episode 8 is still planned on 1'th december although I THINK I might be done a little bit sooner.

Also, a tutorial is coming up (finally). It will also be on the site today.

Have a nice day,

Hi guys!

Just announcing the coming of episode 8 of DBAF: Evil goku saga!
Episode 8 is coming december 10th. so taht's 10.12.2011.

Have a nice day!

I hit 800 subscribers today!!!

Thank you all so much!!
Keep em' comin'!!

Also 13tazmaniac will be making a manga version of my series. A chapter will probably be 30 pages long. No idea when chapter 1 will be up

have a nice day,

Hi guys!

Its been a while, I've been busy and didn't really have time to update the site. Episode 7 is up, you can watch it here on the site, or go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4hsAm2nrKk

You're probably wondering why its on Nassif9000's channel. Due to the ciopyright strike I got from toei, i can't upload videos of 15 or more minutes to this channel anymore. That's why Nassif9000 generously let me upload on his account. don't worry though, all future episodes will still be on the Blazejecar channel.

more: i got a new program called fruity loops studio 9, with which i created my first af theme, which you can download from my channel. I will be making more in the future, but not very soon.

even more: episode 8 is coming in the start of december.

I finished animating episode 7 :)
Today I add sound (maybe I'll have to add a little bit tomorrow) and its ready for upload. :D

Release date is still the same, 5th November.

Oh and please vote on polls becouse only your votes can make me change stuff in either the sotryline or just about anywhere eklse;)


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