Hi guys!

I am approaching 500 subs. For such a milestone there will be a 500 subs special!!! Also, I see the intro thing is kind of...dividing you. So when I'm done, I'll post the intro and you tell me if its a good replacement or not.

Have a nice day,





Hi guys!

Please vote on the new poll I posted. I know you check my site so please do that ok?

Have a nice day

Hi guys!

I have a really dumb timetable so I don't have a lot of time...again -_-
There's actually no update on my side except the face that I am progressing with ep7 flawlessly. Also, I have posted a poll if you want me to make a new intro for ep8 and forward. Please vote on it so I know your opinion :)

Have a nice day, Blazejecar




Hi guys!

First of all, thank you for helping me reach 400 subs :) I never imagined so many, even though 400 isn't such a big number...A big speciIn case you haven't noticed, mrqball80 posted a new part today :) Its so cool I can't describe it in words...I'm aschamed of my episodes again now :/

Anyway, I've started working on ep7 and I hope that everything goes well and I can post it in december.

Have a nice day, 

That's right! Ep6 is done but like promised, the release date is still 17th :P
enjoy the rest of the week :D

Also, I was thinking of holding another contest....if you have any question ideas, leave them below :) Of course that just means you can't participate (since you know the answer lol), but you will be credited (your name in my video). 

Ok, have a nice day...wait i said that already...
Yes, I finished the animation for ep6 (at last) and now I just have to add sound and it will be uploaded. So now the release date is 100% 17th september (I will finish sooner but a release date is a release date :) )
That's right! Ep6 is poshed forward to 17.9.
School has already started butting in with a lot of work (I expected at least the first week to be pleasant but we actually got homework since day 1 and a test next week already -_- :'(

I am truly sorry, but it could, with 70% posibility happen, that ep 6 will be delayed (I do put school in front of free time...it probably sounds geky, but I have some goals in life which I can't achieve with bad grades). So yes, if there is no episode this saturday, it will be delayed for 1 week.  

Yes, and already I have some bad luck. Hypercam is down for a week so I can't record a new tutorial. Instead, I will release 1 or 2 literal vids.

Have a nice day,



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