Hi guys!
SOPA supporters backed down :D We won! 

Release date for episode 10:
25th of February. Its a playing-it-safe date. I could be done sooner but definately not before mid-feb.

Have a nice day,
Hi guys!

Sadly, I have some very terrible news for you.
As you know, the US goverment is going to try and pass the new "SOPA" law. My point is, IF the law passes and is put into practise, I will have to end the making of DBAF. Why? Music I use isn't mine, the head pictures next to text in the video are also not mine, characters belong to TOEI etc. 

So unless SOPA fails, DBAF is history. I'm just not risking 5 years of my life 




Hi guys!
Thank you for helping me reach 1300 subs!
Episode 10 has no release date yet
And the same goes for the manga chapter...so we kinda have some difficulties.

There is the question of ads on the homepage. Well, to explain it, me and PivotDBZBeast wanted to use them to earn money and buy prizes so we could hold contests for you guys...But apparently, the ads get deleted the moment we punlish our website. We've been trying for very long now, but still no success. Hopefully we'll get that in order too.

Happy (latenew year!



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